Wondering How Much Of A Budget You Should Set To Build Your Website In Singapore?

Firstly, there are many factors that come into play when deciding on a budget for your website. Such factors include hiring a professional to do the entire website, finding a cheap website designer to do it or doing it entirely by yourself.

Budget for building a website

Secondly, every website is different due to their design and functionality which leads to the difference in pricing. Getting a cheap website design in Singapore is possible among the many ways that there is when it comes to building a website. Here are some of the factors that will play a part in the costs that you will need to consider before planning for a budget to build your website in Singapore

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Your Domain Name

The first step when creating a website is purchasing your domain name. There are many registrars available for you to purchase your domain name. It is usually paid for annually and is not expensive. On the note of spending less, some registrars offer different types of discounts only if you register a few years in advance. This is a good choice as it helps you to save your money. Once you have decided on a domain name, you would need to check if it is available. You will then be required to choose a domain extension. Highly suggest that if your target audience or if your business is more specified for the market in Singapore that you should consider using .sg or .com.sg as your domain extension.

Based on the choice of your domain extensions here is a table of some of the typical annual costs;

ExtensionsCosts of Domain
Annual domain name cost

Web Hosting and Software

The second step is, once you have chosen your domain name and extension. You should focus on the next important step which is web hosting and software. There are multiple options when it comes to hosting. You have the choice of choosing between free and paid options. 

You should make the decision based on your needs and the services you may require. Besides that, you will require software. Using Content Management Systems (CMS) will make it easy for you to create a business website without using coding. CMS has many platforms and one of the widely used platforms is WordPress. It is supported by hosting providers and it can be easily installed with a few clicks on the hosting you have chosen. 

There are other platforms which are popular besides WordPress which are Wix or Shopify. These platforms do not require you to purchase a web hosting package as it is implemented within the Wix or Shopify account.

Line of html codes

Here is a list of costs for WordPress comparing with Weebly/Wix


  • Domain Name: SGD$5/per month( for .com, .sg, .com.sg)
  • Hosting: SGD$10/ per month
  • Maintenance: SGD$80/ per month
  • Website Software: FREE

Wix or Weebly

  • Domain Name: FREE for the first year
  • Hosting: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Maintenance: SGD$80/ per month
  • Website Software: SGD$6 to SGD$65

Design and Production

The third step is web design and production. Your website is where your customers come to and it is highly recommended to have a website that is easy to navigate and is able to process everything and still attract the attention of the users. Once again there is an option where you can decide to pay to get premium templates for your website or use the ones that are available for free. Cheap web design in Singapore is also available as there are vendors who are offering different types of packages starting from just SGD$10 per month along with a free domain name to SGD$50 for maintenance every month. We advise you to choose your website vendor carefully as we have come across many cases of web designers making a mess of the project.

Two men are having a handshake

However, maybe you are willing to spend any amount needed to get the best website instead of just looking for a cheap website design in Singapore. Well, I’m glad to inform you that such an opportunity is available as well. You may be wondering, well what’s the price? In Singapore, it will cost an average of around SGD$7,000 to get a professional designer to design your website. SGD$7,000 will be for a basic site and the price will get higher if the requirements are more complex. Hence before putting your money into your web design it is important to be certain of the requirements you have to ensure everything is cost and time efficient.


When building your website, the functionality of your website plays a very big role. In Singapore, many web development companies as well as web design companies charge differently based on the requirement, the programming language used, and also the experience of the personnel doing your project. The price can range from SGD$4,000 to SGD$30,000. Why such a big difference in pricing? Well, a simple and basic web design can cost you as little as $60 per month however you will need to build the website on your own. For a more functional website the average cost will be between SGD$7,000 and SGD$10,000 depending on the required features. Definitely for more complex sites you may need to pay a significantly higher amount as they are based on Custom Management Systems (CMS).

Functionality of the overall site


Yes, there are many other factors that will definitely affect the overall cost of building your website. For example, one factor is site content. Site content is basically what your website will be covering and when it comes to this you will wonder what type of content do you want to add on to your website? Followed by, who will be constantly working on updating and changing the content? If you do not have knowledge, skills or time, you can always use the option of hiring a professional content writer (also known as a copywriter). They could be someone whom you pay to monitor and update the content. However remember that you will have to pay these people which will then be another item on your list of payments that you will be required to pay for building and maintaining your website.

Hiring a web design and development company will be the first step you have to take. Knowing the factors that will affect the costs of hiring them will be the next factor that you have to consider. Below is a list of factors that you should consider:

  • Need for multiple languages
  • Navigation Structure
  • Responsive Design
  • Frequency of Updates
  • Database Integration
  • E-commerce Functions

In Conclusion

Besides the cost of designing your initial website, you will need to always remember that maintenance is a big part of the payment as well. It is never a waste of money to get a quality website, instead it is an investment that will help you increase the revenue of your business. In the current era, the digital world has come to a new level hence it is critical to ensure your website is flawless regardless of whom you have paid. A tip is that you should always look at the portfolio of the web design jobs that they have done in the past. If they have strong clients, then you will be safer to use their services.

There is a wide range of companies but do not aim to get a cheap website design in Singapore. You should find a cost that fits your budget and meets the demands of the business. I hope this article has answered your question and cleared your doubts.