Why You Need to Optimize Your Mobile Web Design

You may be proud of your mobile web design but are you giving it the due attention it deserves? Having a website that is accessible by mobile isn’t a favor that you are doing your customers and visitors. It is an absolute necessity if you want to remain in business let alone forge ahead of your competitors. It is easy to get caught up with your ‘regular’ web design and neglect the mobile version. After all, most people don’t think of smartphones when the word Website pops up.

There are a few reasons why you absolutely need to optimize your mobile site.

Fully Engage With Your Audience

Most consumers today search for products and services on their smartphones as their primary device. It’s not so much a matter of preference as it is a convenience. It is much easier to search for a new pair of shoes, for example, while on the subway rather than wait until you get home. The catch here is mobile surfers are almost sure to perform the same search on a desktop later on. You may have a mobile website but if it doesn’t offer a great browsing experience, you can almost bet that the user won’t visit again on desktop. Your mobile site is largely the first line of contact with regards to how you engage with your audience. In fact, Google is now serving listings based on a mobile-first approach. Are you giving your business the mobile-first approach too?

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Mobile and PC Serve Different Needs

Web users on desktops are typically comparing, looking around or gathering information. Mobile users on the other hand are far more impulsive and are generally looking for quick information or an instant transaction. Statistics show that the average online shopper spends more per purchase on a hand-held device than when shopping from a desktop. If your mobile site is not intuitive, easy and quick to navigate and transact, you could be losing business by the minute.

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Higher Conversion Rates

You spread the net wider for conversions when you optimize your site for mobile. Some of the notorious problems mobile users face include awkward menus, missing contact pages and obscured links among others. If most of your conversions come from PC users, it may not be a coincidence if you haven’t optimized your site for mobile. This simple action can significantly boost your rate of conversion, or at the very least, position your business for maximum conversion.

Web optimization isn’t just for your regular website any more. Mobile internet surfing has grown exponentially over the recent years largely due to affordable smartphones and cheap data plans.
Optimizing your site for mobile is absolutely necessary
if you want to remain competitive and maximize your profits.

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