What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an open source e-commerce platform for laymen like you and me to use to develop your e-commerce site. OpenCart provides a good foundation to start off your e-business!
With a very easy to use backend interface, OpenCart is suitable for a wide variety of users such as laymen to seasoned web developers.

When should you consider OpenCart?

OpenCart has a great variety of function and usage suitable for your requirements. Some of the functions & features includes:

Open Source
Community Support
Easy access to various templates
Can integrate various popular payment gateways
Can integrate various shipping methods
Unlimited categories/products
Multiple currency to give your customers ease of mind when buying
Product Reviews
Product Ratings
SEO Friendly Options

What are the OpenCart portfolio that iClick Media has done?

OpenCart is one of the easiest to use in terms of backend website management and the iClickers have always recommend this to our clients.

Below are 3 portfolios for your perusal.


To find out more about developing your website on OpenCart, or to develop/integrate new functionalities into your OpenCart site, drop us a call at 6362 0123 or Request For a Quotation here!