Tips in Choosing a Cheap Web Designer in Singapore

Whether you are planning to design your website for the first time or to revamp your current site to improve its look, finding a cheap web designer in Singapore is surely on top of your list. A website is important in any organisation as it represents the business over the web. With a professional looking website, you are assured that it represents well your brand and services or products. On the other hand, a poorly made website might scare away the prospects thinking that the business is a hoax.

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Today, there are several web designers available out there, but the challenge is how to choose the right one. Being the right “one” means the designer can produce professional looking yet affordable website design. Many designers can create exquisite website design but the service is associated with high cost. So if you can find a designer who can provide you with the same result at a lesser price, of course, you should grab the opportunity.

So, how will you choose a cheap web design company in Singapore? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Prepare the Necessary Information

Before jumping on the phone to call a web designer, it is always a good practice to compile all important information and details of your plan. Oftentimes, the designers will ask you some basic questions, so you should be well prepared. Here are some of the questions you should be ready to answer:

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  • What is your budget? – The designer will obviously ask you how much you are willing to shell out for your website. It is important for them to know how much the budget is so that if the budget is small, they can adjust. Most website design firms will work on their client’s budget.
  • What do you want your website to do? – Another question that the designer will ask is the purpose of your website. Do you intend to make it as an online shop or as an online catalogue of your products or services? This is essential in the planning process so the designer will get an idea of how the site should look like. And most importantly, they can share inputs on your requirements.

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  • Who is going to be the point person on the project? – In any project, it is important to have a person-in-charge. While it might make sense to have more people providing feedback about the project, it is highly advisable to have one person responsible for communicating with the designing team.
  • Ask Important Questions

After they ask you all the necessary information about the project, it is your turn to ask questions. Be sure to prepare your questions before the scheduled meetup. Their answers will help you determine if they are the right firm for your website project. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • How long will it take for the designing process to complete?- It is critical that you will know the estimated completion time of the project. Will your website be ready in a month? Or is it fully functional in two months? How many pages will be created for your website? If the designer says the project will take longer than expected without citing any explanation, then this firm isn’t the right one for you. A good website design company will provide you with an estimated time to finish the project and they will discuss with you the possible situations that might affect the timeline.

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  • Do they offer support after the website completion? – Oftentimes, the website design firm will provide training at the end of the project. Ask them who should attend the training. You should also ask if they can handle any additional maintenance and support after the project is completed. Some companies offer free maintenance, for a certain period of time, after hiring their affordable web design service.

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